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Renovations, additions, expansions – whatever you call it FWD does it.

The remodeling process can be a scary endeavor if you have never been through the process before, or have had a bad remodeling experience. FWD Builders is a thoroughly professional design/build remodeling resource that has guided hundreds of clients through this process successfully. With FWD, the remodeling process becomes a fun and excited process, not something to dread. To help orient you with the remodeling process, FWD offers the following suggestions:

Determine your needs

What is the driving force behind your decision to remodel you home? Do you need more space, are you moving family members into your home, do you need to modernize your kitchen, make room for a new baby or just ready for a new look. Once you determine your needs and wants you should prioritize them based on sense of urgency and available resources.

Start a Design Idea Folder

You can pick up many great design idea magazines at local bookstores or at home centers. Tear out pages of things you like whether it’s architectural styles, finishes, colors, products, or special features all will help when you begin the design process.

Establish a Budget

It’s important to establish a budget for your home remodeling project early in the process. A knowledgeable remodeler can provide you with some budget parameters to consider based on similar past projects. Design/Build firms can help you determine a reasonable budget and design with that budget in mind.

Create a Master Plan

Many people approach remodeling by doing one project at a time rather than creating a master plan that incorporates all of the envisioned projects in your home. Creating a master plan will help you avoid costly mistakes completing a project now without considering future projects that could lead to re doing portions of recently remodeled spaces to accommodate the latest project.

Even if you are not able to complete all of your master plan at one time you will have given proper consideration to your future needs. A qualified Design/Build remodeling firm can assist you in this process.

Living through a Remodel

One important consideration in the remodeling process is to determine whether you will occupy the house during construction or plan on moving out. If you are remodeling the entire home or if you or your family members are sensitive to dust or chemical odors, it’s best to move into temporary housing or possibly with a family member until the project is complete. If that is not an option separating living areas from the remodeling area is a good approach. A seasoned remodeling professional will have many years experience making this process as painless as possible for you and your family.

These suggestions can reduce a great deal of the stress associated with remodeling. When remodeling your home you can expect some degree of disruption to your daily routine. However, a professional remodeling firm can keep disruptions to a minimum with proper planning, assisting you in achieving your remodeling goals.