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Design-Build and Project Management

Comprehensive Project Management for Owner-Builders

Owner-builders want more control and heavy involvement in their construction project, and FWD Builders has decades of project management experience with a well established owner-builder client base.

The number of families choosing to act as their own builder is increasing because people want bigger homes with better features and are looking for more value for their money. More and more new construction projects each year in the U.S. are started and completed by “owner-builders.” But, going it alone can be an uncertain venture when attempting a large construction project. Our clients understand that without the professional guidance and resources that FWD Builders can bring to the table, managing their own building project will be an expensive and time-consuming learning experience that most of them will not want to do again. So they see the value that FWD Builders can provide in giving them the best of both worlds – Being in total control of their building project but also at the same time have professional guidance and great connections that save them time and money.

Many FWD owner-builder clients have ultimately decided to stay in their current home and remodel or create an addition; often a smart option in the current housing market. They’re passionate about their project, thrilled at the ability to control their own daily construction schedule, and pleased to participate in the selection of subcontractors that will be in and out of their home. A small percentage of our clients are interested in building a “green home”. They’re excited at the opportunity to create a home that complies with their environmental beliefs, and the chance to choose the right products and materials to complete their project properly.

FWD Builders provides the same quality and experienced tradesmen and vendors for owner-builders as we do for custom home projects. FWD also acts as your Builder of Record for the mortgage company because – in Texas – a homeowner cannot act as their own builder.  Meaning, we help you coordinate much more than general construction, including:

  • Obtaining building permits
  • Securing financing
  • Ordering materials
  • Managing change orders
  • Hiring subcontractors
  • Scheduling
  • Paying bills
  • Over-all project management

As an owner-builder working with FWD, you maintain control, make the decisions, and enjoy the results without the uncertainties of going it alone.