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Custom Homes

Whether you’re planning a starter home or 3-story mansion, FWD Builders has been turning dreams into reality for over 33 years!

Since 1984, FWD has been one of the best known and well respected independent builders in North Texas with services ranging from design-build custom home construction to home remodeling and room additions.

Green Builder

When you dream of building a home, you might think that getting a custom made green home is too expensive. A green custom builder doesn’t let your pocketbook prevent you from selecting a sustainable home plan. Your imagination in combination with a green builder’s skills can result in a sustainable home. Once you work with a green builder, you won’t be able to go back to traditional home building.

As a certified general contractor, FWD works with a design team to incorporate architectural and design elements into a sustainable floor plan. You want a home that is comfortable and functional and FWD delivers a sustainable and versatile living space.

Why you should choose FWD to design and construct your new home:

  • Green custom builders work with sustainable materials, including materials recovered and recycled from deconstructed buildings. The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) estimates that American construction activities use up to 60% of the nation’s raw materials aside from food and fuel consumption. Building a home with reused materials means it has a smaller carbon footprint.
  • Green custom builders can work with an architect to make changes to a stock floor plan that meets your specs. You can even incorporate green design concepts you have found elsewhere into an existing sustainable floor plan. Before you sign a contract that includes options like a standard appliance package, talk with the builder about introducing your own green appliances and other green options after the project is completed.
  • Green custom builders surpass other local companies because they focus on exceeding customer expectations. Custom builders can consult with whoever you want. If you saw an exhibition of a green home you liked, collect all of the relevant information, including how to contact the original designers of the home. Provide all information to the builder. In turn, the builder consults the design team to take adapt green ideas from other building projects.
  • Green custom builders stay up to date with the newest requirements so that your home will be eligible for LEED certification. When your home gets this certification, you save on taxes. Find an established builder with a strong local reputation and a proven record of green building.
  • Green custom builders recognize that your sense of style means you won’t be satisfied with a cookie-cutter design. Green builders focus on special features such as octagonal dining rooms paneled with Paperboard (made from post-consumer waste and natural resin). You want a builder who offers more than just choosing the colors of paint, roofing, and carpet.
  • Green custom builders let you speak directly with the green architect in a professional design meeting. You talk about how a floor plan can be changed over time with minimal consumption of additional raw materials. For example, you can design floor-to-ceiling windows that will heat your home in the winter. The architect works with the builder to control costs while meeting your expectations for a sustainable home.